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Books – On Insecurities in Relationships
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“Seven Deep Insecurities Men Don’t Want Women to Know <> written by Dr. Sheri E Ragland deals with insecurities in relationships.”

The author provides Robert Harris’s compelling story of his struggles with manhood throughout his youth and adult life in part one. His journey begins with a complex childhood of poverty, uncertainty, and the fight to survive in Memphis, Tennessee. As a teenager in the streets, he dominated, ruled, and controlled individuals and relationships as a means of survival and to gain respect. However, long-term behaviors led to an adulthood of aggression, negative thinking, and unsuccessful relationships. His personal challenges and insecurities caused him to seek God to become a better man and father. Robert shares his story of challenges and triumph to encourage other men. His memoir provides a foundation for part two, which reveals the seven deep insecurities that men like Robert experience but do not openly discuss with the women in their lives. In part three, the book concludes with reflections. The objective of this book a) adds to the existing information on relationships; b) encourages more men to acknowledge their insecurities and do something about them; c) inspires men to have healthy discussions about their thoughts and feelings with their partner; and d) encourages men to be more open-minded about their relationship and find successful ways to collaborate with their partner to solve relationship issues in a humble, caring, respectful, and loving manner.

Book is available to order in soft and hardcover at WestBow Press and now. E-book is also available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Check the website frequently for book signing events and book updates!

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Domestic violence is an important issue and deserves attention now more than ever, especially with the rise in dating and breakup violence and relationship abuse among young women between the ages of 16 and 24 years of age. No More Organization will launch a national campaign against domestic violence and sexual assault in March of 2015. Our goal is to support the national cause and raise awareness to the rise of domestic violence. Please listen to the free podcast and share it.


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