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Is Negative Thinking Toxic To Your Relationship?

Negative thinking threatens relationships every day.

Does it threaten yours?

It probably does.

This deep-seeded insecurity catches many of us off guard…again…and again. As much as we try to control our negative thoughts, they often control us.


Those lingering thoughts from the past lead to unwarranted behaviors that can damage our relationships.


We refuse to let those lingering thoughts go for one reason or another. Or, we use the wrong approach to get rid of them altogether.

Does this sound familiar?

Many of our relationship problems start with our thinking. Our relationship is a reflection of how we think.

Just think how much healthier your relationship could be, if you could conquer negative thinking.

Yes, you can overcome negative thinking. Here are five strategies to get you well on your way to positive thinking.

1. Change your thinking.
Negative thinking is a great threat to dreams,opportunities, success, joy, health, progress, and fulfilling relationships. Yet, men and women are plagued with this deep-seeded insecurity daily and arenot sure what to do about it. Negative thinking prevents you from progressiveliving every day. Even worse, “negative thinking” can lead to health problems,such as stress. You can change your thinking by engaging in mental practices that focus on positive things.

2. Leave the past behind.
Another disrupter for couples is not realizing that focusing on the past prevents them from moving forward. It is perfectly fine to recognize positive points from the past and reflect on them. But, to just dwell on negative points not only limits your thinking and frame of reference, it isa time waster. Use your past to help you consider the consequences of your decisions today and to not make the same costly mistakes in the future.

3. Embrace each other’s differences in thinking.
It is not always about being right or persuading your partner to see your point of view. Sometimes it is about being open-minded andseeing things from another perspective regarding issues. There is nothing wrongwith thinking differently as long as you both can discuss an issue in a healthymanner. In essence, open-mindedness is a skill that can lead to a more productive relationship. The goal is for you and your partner to talk about any issue openly and respectfully.

4. Forgive.
Having resentment is toxic to you and your partner. Unforgiveness holds an individual hostage to bad behavior and torments everyone who embracesit. Releasing your partner is a liberating process for you because it creates internal peace and it is reminder to your partner that his/her wrongs will be forgotten in order to move forward. Forgive to move forward.

5. Have faith in yourself.
Be willing to commit to personal change one day at a time. Don’t give up. Change takes time and persistence. Surround yourself with positive people. Use the communication process to share your commitment to change with your partner for support.

Couples are much more successful when they believe and encourage each other to share thoughts through a fair and respectful communication process that focuses on the truth of the matter in a calm manner. It absolutely makes a difference as well as leads to trust and honesty in the relationship.

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