Is Negative Thinking Toxic To Your Relationship?

Negative thinking threatens relationships every day. Does it threaten yours? It probably does. ​ This deep-seeded insecurity catches many of us off guard…again…and again. As much as we try to control our negative thoughts, they often control us. How? Those lingering thoughts from the past lead to unwarranted behaviors that can damage our relationships. Why?… Continue Reading

Seven Ways For Couples To Reconnect and Improve Their Emotional Stability

by Sheri E Ragland Reconnecting is important to every relationship no matter how strong or weak the relationship is. I like to think of reconnecting as the bonding process within the relationship. Bonding is investing in your relationship mentally, sexually, emotionally and spiritually. It is all about spending valuable time with your spouse/partner. Spending time… Continue Reading

Self Discovery Can Lead to a Healthier You and Relationship

by Sheri E Ragland Many individuals struggle with managing their happiness and well-being, while building a healthy relationship that incorporates the values and beliefs of the couple. It is very difficult to change a relationship for the better without consistently improving yourself. The heart of the matter is for you to take charge of your… Continue Reading

How You Can Get The Most Out of Dating

By Sheri E Ragland Couples today, such as the millennials, are waiting much longer to marry than their predecessors from 80s and 90s. According to Setrakian (2011), couples are dating 2.8 years before marrying. These couples are taking their time to marry for many reasons, such as values, careers, finance, education, family, and so forth.… Continue Reading

Seven Ways to Promote Healthy Disagreements

by Sheri E Ragland No matter how much a couple loves each other, disagreements will always occur. In fact, it is healthy for a couple to disagree because two people in a relationship are not the same. To be honest, each can bring a different perspective to the communication process that may be worth considering… Continue Reading