Established in 2013, Buzz About Relationships® was created with couples in mind. As a group of diverse individuals ourselves, we wanted to know what makes relationships work for some couples and not for others. What are the dynamics that go into a relationship, and how can couples access credible information to form solutions to their problems?  Because couples often don’t see eye-to-eye on various issues, we wanted to understand the differences by examining the emerging roles of men and women in relationships. Led by Sheri E Ragland, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Buzz About Relationships, our company’s goal is to provide practical information to engage couples in discussions about their interactions. Keep an eye out for Dr. Ragland’s first and much-anticipated book Seven Deep Insecurities Men Don’t Want Women to Know is available for ordering!
Our company is comprised of a group of individuals just like you who have discovered that our relationships, both past and present, have shaped and formed who we are. In our research, we realized that there are several topics and themes common to couples, but several more that are polarizing. We strive to explore the dynamics of relationships and provide trustworthy resources for your review that are culled from reputable sources like focus groups, surveys, research, studies and discussions. We want to provide you with fresh insight into what it means to be a couple and carry on a relationship through with the help of meaningful resources and relationship coaching services. Intrigued?

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