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Get Balance in Your Relationship by Addressing Your Spiritual Well-Being Too

Life changes occur in addition to the changes in the couple over the course of a long-term relationship. Such changes influence the direction of the relationship and can make it difficult for couples to manage those changes skillfully. Therefore, the couple is faced with many stressors that can deteriorate the relationship over time. For instance, couples may focus on emotional and sexual well-being of their relationship, while neglecting the spiritual component of their relationship. This imbalance strains the couple’s ability to effectively address life’s challenges. Therefore, it is equally important to invest in the spiritual component as well for balance. When the emotional, sexual and spiritual aspects of the relationship are addressed, a holistic approach is taken. A holistic approach increases the chance for balance, which can lead to a more successful relationship. Here are some ways to address the spiritual well-being of your relationship:

Attend Church

Find a faith-based church and attend services and Bible Studies together on a weekly basis, if you don’t have one. Church services and Bible Studies are a good place to learn how to navigate life through the Scriptures, which can be applied to a couple’s everyday life. Also, couples can learn how to pray as well. The key to change is for couples to attend church consistently.

Use Tools to Assist You – The Holy Bible App

Find Tools to assist your lifestyle change. The Holy Bible App is a great resource for access any time. The App also has a number of plans for couples, as well as individuals. The plan takes about 10 to 15 minutes a day. The App has daily verses that can be shared via texting, Facebook, Twitter, Path and email. One of my favorite plans for 365 days of the year is “Joyce Meyer: Promise for Your Everyday Life – Daily Devotional.” It is practical and addresses key topics that individuals and couples face daily in their Christian walk with Scriptural references for support. The Holy Bible App also has other plans for married couples, such as the seven-day plan called “Marriage: A Lifelong Journey” by Jim Daly and Focus on the Family, experts on the Psychological and Christian aspects of marriages and relationships. The plan focuses on commitment and Scriptural principals.

Pray and Study the Bible Together

Spend time in prayer and study the Bible together as a couple. Simply praying God’s Word over your lives is a great place to start. The Holy Bible App can help you with topical lesson plans that can address many areas of concern in your relationship or marriage, such as finances, attitude, commitment, and more.

Refer to Sound Marriage Resources

Check out web resources for articles, such as “God’s Design for Marriage” by Carol Heffernan or “The Power of Healthy Conflict” by Dr. Greg Smalley. The articles can be found on the Focus on the Family website. The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center has articles for couples as well. There are other good resources that focus on the health and mental aspects of a relationship, such as Psychology Today and WebMD.

Attend Marriage Seminars and Conference

Contact your church for marriage seminars and conferences and attend. Pastors on the church staff can provide you with additional resources as well, especially if the church is not hosting any seminars and conferences. Attending seminars and conferences are good opportunities to meet other couples for support.

The sooner you address the spiritual component of your relationship as a couple, the better you both with feel. Couples can achieve balance in their relationship by addressing the emotional, sexual and spiritual aspects of their relationship. Healthy relationships take time and patience. In some cases, couples may require the help of a marriage counsellor or licensed professionals, in addition to self-help resources. Couples who have attended a faith-based church and engaged in Christ-centered teachings, Bible studies, and prayer together had a greater chance of a having a healthy and lasting relationship (Stanton 2011).


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