Are you interested in finding practical information that you can use in your relationship? If you are, that is great! You are in the right place. Searching for information to address your relationship issues can be a daunting process at best. Many couples experience information overload each day in their endless search for helpful tips and tools and often give up. To ease the frustration of research, I have begun a fact-finding mission to help couples achieve joy in their relationships by focusing on what couples want. After listening to couples and research, it is clear that couples should approach their relationship holistically. First, it is very important to address the spiritual aspects of a relationship, in addition to the soul and body, as defined by the Bible. Why? When couples address the spiritual component of their relationship they increase their chances of success through balance. It is a proven fact. Second, information based on research, your feedback coupled with personal experiences provide a thriving platform for engagement. Finally, with the right tips and tools, couples can manage their relationships more effectively. Therefore, couples have a greater chance of achieving lasting joy and commitment in their relationship.

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Dr. Sheri E. Ragland

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